Changes to Document Storage
The IT Department will be retiring the My Documents Server on May 31. The University has outgrown the capacity of the existing server and the individual quota of 10GB is not sufficient for many faculty and staff. Additionally, the services available for personal document storage are numerous and offer many features (web editing, mobile or anywhere access) that Spalding IT cannot provide.

What will replace the Documents folder?
To replace My Documents, the IT department recommends Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Both of these services are available through the portal. Google Drive is in the Link Launcher section and OneDrive is integrated with Office 365 (the email link).  OneDrive is also integrated with Microsoft Office 2013. The storage limits are: 30 GB for Google Drive and 25 GB for OneDrive. Both services offer online editing capabilities with Google Docs and Office 365 and apps for PCs and mobile devices to sync documents to multiple locations. OneDrive and Google Drive make collaborating on documents easy. You click the share button and enter an email address and grant editing access to files. 
What is better OneDrive or Google Drive?
Each service has strengths and weaknesses. OneDrive has a more seamless integration with Windows and Microsoft Office. If you prefer Microsoft Office for creating and editing documents then you should choose OneDrive for storing your files.
What documents should I store in Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive?
Personal documents including Office documents, photos, and materials for courses or projects. Do not store student records or documents that contain student information. Files with student information or other sensitive information should be saved to the Vault server in a department folder. 
When do I need to move my files?
The My Documents server will be decommissioned on May 31. After that documents stored in the My Documents folder on your computer should remain available to you. They will no longer sync to a server and will not be recoverable if your PC hard drive failed. You should move or copy your files to OneDrive or Google Drive as soon as possible. 
What if I don’t have OneDrive on my computer?
If you do not have Office 2013, the IT department can install OneDrive on your computer or upgrade your version of Office. Please submit a request to
If you have any questions, please contact the IT Department. Here are some guides to get started with OneDrive and Google Drive.

One Drive

Getting Started with OneDrive.pdfGetting Started with OneDrive.pdf

Google Drive