​Campus Announcements

Announcements on University Portal

The Announcements section of the portal is maintained by the Information Technology Department. If you would like an announcement posted on the portal, please email your announcement as you would like it to appear (proofed for grammar and spelling errors) and any attachments to techsupport@spalding.edu. Specify the audience for your announcement. There are three options for audience, all members of the campus community, employees or students. If you wish to have your announcement emailed as well, follow the guidelines in the "Campus-Wide Email Announcements" section.

Campus-Wide Email Announcements
Use of campus wide email lists for all employees and all students is restricted to designated staff. Messages sent to these lists must be approved by University Marketing and Communications. 

If you have an announcement that you wish to have sent as an email, please send your email announcement to sjones15@spalding.edu. The message should be thoroughly proofread for grammar, spelling, punctuation and accuracy. Be sure to include dates, times, locations and contact information. Your entire announcement should be included in the body of the message (no attachments) and must pertain to Spalding University or Spalding sponsored events only. In your request, specify the target audience (all members of the community, all employees, or all students).

Faculty Staff Bulletin Board - https://my.spalding.edu/staff/Lists/Faculty Staff Bulletin Board/AllItems.aspx

The Faculty Staff Bulletin Board is on the University Portal. It is only visible to Spalding part-time and full-time faculty and staff. The bulletin board has been developed to give Spalding faculty and staff an interactive space where they can post and view announcements, information, and events in categories such as:

  • For Sale items
  • For Free items
  • Wanted items
  • Community Announcements
  • Lost Items
  • Community Events
  • Non-Spalding Fundraising Efforts (i.e. girl scout cookie sales, fundraisers for non-profits outside of Spalding)

The University reserves the right to remove any inappropriate announcements.