Campus Printing with WEPA


Black & White: $.08
Color: $.45

Accepted Forms of Payment:
Prepaid Print Card (Available at the ELC Student Services Counter)
Credit Card
WEPA Online Account

Kiosk Printing Benefits:

  • Kiosks are located in the following buildings Library, Kosair Charities College of Health and Natural Sciences, Third Street Academic Center,  Republic Bank Academic Center, Morrison Hall, and Spalding Suites).
  • Prints black/white and color copies; single or double-sided; 8.5X11
  • Kiosks use high-quality laser paper and high-definition ink
  • Cloud printing with touch-screen kiosks
  • Prints most Windows and MAC file types

Student Printing Available at WEPA Kiosks
Spalding has 7 printer kiosks on campus for student printing. These kiosks offer students the ability to print from anywhere – home computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet or USB at a kiosk, and the capability to print most Windows and MAC files. WEPA prints with high grade materials, allows for black and white and color printing, and will print single and double-sided, allowing students to create top-quality reports and presentations. Payment can be made via Debit/Credit Card, through a WEPA account, or using a pre-paid WEPA print card. Prepaid cards will be sold at the Enrollment Services counter. Kiosks do not accept cash.

How to Print Using Kiosk

You may use your Spalding ID card or your portal login to sign into the kiosks. To use your ID, just slide your card in the card reader and it will identify you. There are many ways to print to the kiosks. You can print from your own computer from anywhere. You can use a Spalding computer by selecting WEPA-BW for black and white or WEPA-COLOR for color printing on the print screen. You can use a USB drive as well. Below are some demonstration videos to help you through the process. When you print you can collect your finished work at any of the 7 print k​iosks. If you need assistance printing please call 1-800-675-7639 or visit

Print from Email

Direct Print Option:

Logging in to your WEPA Account at the Kiosk:

How to Print From your USB Drive:

How to Use a WEPA Release Code from the WEPA Kiosk:

Print App for Android/iOS

How to login on and download print drivers: